COP Background Check Form

Community Oriented Policing (COP)

The La Marque Police Department's Community Oriented Policing initiative combines efforts between the Police and the Community to make La Marque a safer place to live. In doing so, the La Marque Police Department must ensure that those involved in the COP program are qualified to do so.


All COP watch group Block Captain and Chairperson candidates are required to have a thorough criminal background check completed. If you wish to participate in the COP program as a Block Captain or Chairperson, please email Lieutenant Geoff Price or by phone at 409-938-9224.

You will need to complete the Authorization for Release of Personal Information form (PDF). You may fill out the form in Adobe Reader but you must print the document and sign it. It can be returned to Lieutenant Price in person at the police department, or if you wish, you may scan it and email it.