La Marque Public Works

The goal of Public Services is to enhance the quality of life for all residents, businesses, and visitors of the City of La Marque through responsible and sound management, innovation, teamwork, and vision, and to provide dependable, high quality, responsive public services with the resources that have been allocated.

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City of La Marque is a progressive city that provides high-quality services that promote an active, safe, and healthy environment; it enables the community to realize the best standard of living possible through cost-effective governance.


To accomplish this mission, city government is committed to providing citizens with:

  • A safe and clean community.
  • Efficient and effective quality city services.
  • The infrastructure of adequate capacity to accommodate present and future needs.
  • Diverse opportunities for recreational, cultural and economic development.
  • A well-managed and fiscally sound community.


In all respects, city government is dedicated to accomplishing its mission through:

Professionalism – Pride – Service – Fairness - Accountability